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    Pain can be a warning sign of illness and injury. However, if it becomes chronic, the pain is long-lasting and severe. It often has a negative impact on the psyche and can cause anxiety disorders or depression.

    The first step in the treatment of pain is always a detailed diagnosis in order to analyze which treatment options - depending on the individual pain syndrome - are the most suitable.


    The most common pain syndromes

    The most common pain syndromes include inflammatory joint pain caused by rheumatism or arthritis, back and extremity pain and mixed pain syndrome. Mixed pain syndrome refers to a combination of several pain qualities that often affects several regions of the body (e.g. back and leg pain).

    Stimulation in the spinal canal (SCS = spinal cord stimulation) is often used for pain in the extremities and back. This procedure blocks the transmission of pain and can be carried out either with a tingling effect or completely without any perceptible tingling stimulation. Very small stimulators are now used, which are hidden under the abdominal skin and are switched on and adjusted using a remote control. And there is a clear advantage: pain medication can be reduced or even made completely superfluous.


    Pain consultation and neuromodulation consultation

    We only use certified, tried-and-tested technology from the largest well-known manufacturers. Patients are trained extensively by our technicians in the use of the devices and can come to us every 14 days for a special neuromodulation consultation to resolve any adjustment problems with the experts. In most cases, our trained staff can already solve the problems. Before our pain specialists implant electrodes or pumps, they first check the effectiveness of the procedure (stimulation or pump therapy) with you in an outpatient test phase using test catheters/test electrodes. If you experience a 50 percent reduction in pain during this phase, the procedure can be considered for implantation.

    Focal points of treatment

    • Spinal Cord Stimulation
    • Neurostimulation
    • Multimodal pain therapy

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