Scar pain after surgery

Dr. med. Wolfgang Welke

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    It is normal for fresh scars to hurt in the first few days or weeks - especially if it is a surgical scar. Every scar needs a certain amount of time to heal. However, if the pain occurs later and lasts longer, scar pain after surgery can have various causes.

    At the Center for Special Pain Medicine, we use scar stimulation to treat scar pain. This prevents the transmission of pain caused by painful surgical scars. This can be the case after a hernia or a caesarean section, for example. Small electrodes are implanted directly under the skin in the scar area and connected to a pain pacemaker. The stimulation of the scar prevents the perception of pain at spinal cord level. A pleasant tingling sensation is produced, which overrides the pain.


    Neurostimulation consultation

    We only use certified, tried-and-tested technology from the largest well-known manufacturers. Patients are trained in detail by our technicians on how to use the devices and can come to us every 14 days for a special neuromodulation consultation to resolve any adjustment problems with the experts. In most cases, our trained staff can already solve the problems. Before our pain specialists implant electrodes or pumps, they first check the effectiveness of the procedure (stimulation or pump therapy) with you in an outpatient test phase using test catheters/test electrodes. If a 50 percent reduction in pain is achieved during this phase, the procedure can be considered for implantation.


    Experienced pain specialists

    The neurostimulation procedure can be used for many clinical pictures. In addition to scar pain, it can also be used for pain following amputations, stump pain or phantom limb pain, for example. The therapy is now a 50-year-old procedure that is constantly being refined and now requires very small devices and electrodes. The doctors at the Center for Special Pain Medicine have decades of experience with stimulation procedures and pump therapy.

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