Depression - exhausted and listless

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    Everything seems gray in gray. Have you lost interest and feel exhausted and listless? If this is not just a temporary phase or depression or a low mood, depression may need to be considered. Depression is a serious mental illness that affects the thoughts, feelings and actions of those affected. Those affected can rarely free themselves from negative thoughts and feelings without help.

    First symptoms: Sleep disorders

    Depression often begins gradually. The first symptoms are sleep disorders, such as difficulty falling asleep and sleeping through the night. Another initial symptom is eating disorders in the form of loss of appetite and weight loss. Other symptoms of depression are

    • listlessness
    • concentration problems
    • negativity
    • Mild irritability

    The causes of depression can vary. Possible causes are

    • Thyroid dysfunction
    • Infections (often viral)
    • autoimmunological processes
    • heart failure
    • COPD
    • cerebral diseases with changes in the transmitter situation in the brain

    Another possible cause is a family history. If the parents or grandparents already exhibited these symptoms, there is an increased risk. However, whether depression occurs depends not only on the family history, but also on other factors such as private or professional defeats, experiences of loss, frustration or existential upheaval.

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