First pain therapist at the Center for Special Pain Medicine

Interdisciplinary cooperation enriches Hellersen Sports Clinic

Dr. Wolfgang Welke has a lot of experience in the field of pain treatment. Now the head physician of the Center for Special Pain Medicine at the Hellersen Sports Clinic has trained the first pain therapist. Mohamed Mayouf, a specialist in internal medicine at the Center for Special Pain Medicine, successfully completed advanced training as a special pain therapist and thus enriches not only the pain team, but the entire clinic. This also has many advantages for patients.

Mohamed Mayouf is a specialist in internal medicine. This is comparatively rare among pain physicians. Thus, he is an excellent addition to the team at the Center for Special Pain Medicine. "Pain medicine must have an interdisciplinary structure. On the one hand, because pain can originate from all kinds of diseases and can thus also be a warning sign for internal diseases. And on the other hand, not only to relieve the pain, but also to identify and treat the cause," explains Dr. Wolfgang Welke. That's why we work together with many other areas in pain medicine. Due to the set-up of the Hellersen Sports Clinic, a large part of the cooperation already takes place in-house. This is rare for a pain clinic and definitely a great advantage, in order to be able to treat the patient comprehensively and holistically.

The average pain patient is also usually older - between 50 and 60 years of age - and therefore often brings along co-illnesses such as high blood pressure, heart disease, wear and tear or even tumor diseases. Here, too, he says, the support of other specialist colleagues is very important, since these patients also belong to the area of expertise of an internist, general practitioner, orthopedist or neurologist, or other specialists.

With further training, Mohamed Mayouf has specialized in the treatment of chronic and acute pain conditions and is now officially allowed to use the additional designation. It certifies his experience in the field and a sound knowledge of, among other things, the application of conservative and invasive treatment options. This includes, for example, treatment with neurostimulators and pain pumps.

"As a qualified specialist department, we are always keen to have doctors with a good level of training in our clinic. That is why I am personally pleased with Mr. Mayouf's good completion of his examination," praises Dr. Welke.

Further training of specialists at the Hellersen Sports Clinic is also planned on a regular basis for the future. Due to his qualification, Dr. Welke is not only able to provide further training according to the medical association's additional training, but is also recognized by the KVWL. This means that the trained physician fulfills the requirements of the KBWL in the field of pain therapy. This is an advantage for the entire region.


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